Monday, June 30, 2014

Slacking On Blogging

   It has been a while since we have seen each other, hasn't it. Like, almost 6 weeks. But I have a few excuses. You might even think a few of them are good ones.
   Two days after the Famous Potato half, I got what I assumed to be allergies. All the cottonwoods were shedding and I just thought I was in for a very bad ride. But when allergy meds didn't work and I continued getting worse, I knew it must be a cold. A cold, the moved to my lungs. With asthma, that is a very bad thing. After 8 days Mark took me to the doctor. I had a sinus infection to go along with the terrible cough, but we decided to give it a few more days with the aid of powerful cough syrup and nasal spray to fix it. A week later I was still sick. I caved and filled the antibiotic prescription. After the 10 day course, I was mostly better, but my lungs were still struggling. I could now run, kind of. I would run, take my inhaler. Run some more. My lungs burned and I felt horrible, sometimes almost feeling like I needed to pass out, but I was still trying. I ended up cutting 3 weeks worth of marathon training short. I didn't even run 2 weeks of the training! 
   I did do a 6 mile walk down Emigration Canyon with Christy, who is nursing an IT band injury, while the rest of our group ran 10ish miles. Mark really wanted to do a long run and was eyeing the Emigration Run our group had planed for May 31. I knew I couldn't run it. I was having SERIOUS lung problems and even walking could cause an asthma attack. Still, I knew I could walk a good portion of it. So, I reached out to Christy to walk/run it with me. She knew she probably couldn't run, I knew I shouldn't, so therefore, we were a perfect match. It was great. We got to hang with the group WITHOUT killing ourselves. Win win.
Another weekend run spent with this group is a great
way to spend a weekend run!
Being with this girl is ALWAYS a pleasure.
   I tried running 3 2-mile runs the next week (while on my antibiotics) and would walk as needed. That Saturday we had planned another run down Emigration Canyon with our running group. I was hoping to get in the full 12 miles, but was still not feeling 100%. Again, someone took pity on me and was willing to run/walk with me. This time it was Josh. He really is probably the best running friend a gal like me could ask for. We took it pretty easy, mostly running our way down the canyon. Yes, we stopped for all the selfies a runner can squeeze in and even got some good running time with Becca and Sonja. I love running with our group! To read his take on our run, just click here.
For some reason, Josh and I
take great pictures together. This is
another good one.
I will never get sick of running
with these peeps.
   Again, I did shortened my week runs because of my lungs, which were just now starting to get better. Good timing too. We were headed to Vegas that weekend and no one wants to be sick while on vacation. That Saturday we met up with Sonja in Ogden to run the trail there before heading to Vegas. We did 9 SLOW miles (still having lung problems), but had a great time. Sonja is a hoot and a  running machine from way back. She also just got the cutest puppy a girl could ask for. We ran, talked running shop, and just enjoyed spending time with her. It was an awesome way to start out our vacation. 
Mark and I during our run with Sonja. We have lived
 here 2 years and this was our first run on this trail.
We WILL be back again.
  So that is what I have been up to and struggling with. What awesome adventures have you been taking since we last met?


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