Monday, December 22, 2014

Isabel's Birthday Party

   My husband, heaven help us, is well loved and valued at work. In the past 3 months he has helped open a site for his company in upstate New York, living there for 11 weeks, then was here for only 2 weeks before being sent to another site, commuting 75 miles each way. His company is also extremely busy right now, so even though he can come home every night, we hardly see him. He is also unable to take off time, like today, which is our firstborn's 5th birthday. With this in mind, Addison and I rode the train last Friday night to meet him after work and have a party and overnight stay there. Our running group had also planned a  party in the same town, so we were able to bring Joshua along to party with us. 
   Addison demanded that Isabel wanted a princess party with a cake and swimming. Mark picked up a delicious cake from The Chocolate Bakery in Orem, Utah. We HAD to have cake because Addison has been practicing singing Happy Birthday to Isabel for at least a month now. So we had a little cake and tiara party in our room and a swim in the pool. I get the feeling that Isabel would have liked our choices. Addison certainly did. And the party continued the next morning when we wore our tiaras to the hotel breakfast by demand of Addison. I couldn't think of a better way to remember Isabel.
Selfie in the hotel mirror.

Mmmm, cake from The Chocolate in Orem.

If Joshua can post a selfie of the event, the event never took place.

My second princess enjoying the cake.

Digging in.

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