Saturday, January 11, 2014

A New Year, Another Start

   So after our last race in July, I decided to really rest my foot. Mark continued running until he himself got hurt with IT band issues. He ended up having to bow out of a race in December, again disappointing Josh. But, you can't run if you shouldn't run.
   We ended up doing some fun things for the rest of the year. We went to Vegas in September for a fun little family vacation. Addison still asks us to go back.

  We helped Mark's parents move from his childhood home into a house a 2 miles from my parents home (in the country, like they are, they are practically neighbors!). We spent some time with Isabel too.

  We got a new dishwasher because ours wasn't that great only to find our crappy dishwasher was leaking and ruined our laminate floors. We pulled them up and realized that our island was stained and we had to refinish them. We ended up having an impromptu kitchen remodel the week before Thanksgiving, but we think it turned out pretty awesome.
The before (top). We pulled up the floor that matched the cabinets
 and everything was that honey oak color. GAG. We don't miss it. The after (bottom). Dark floors, darker cabinets, new stainless steel microwave and dishwasher (I can't wait to replace the stove and fridge), honey beige walls, and new under cabinet lighting. I am living in heaven right now...
  Mark turned 27.
Death By Oreo Cupcakes mad by me. YUMMY!
  The holidays came and went.
Addison's face sums up what she thought about Santa.
But she believed in time to have a great Christmas.
  We had Addison's birthday party a month early so that we could do it in Idaho with family. I did a lot of crafting for that, and it was pretty darn cute. Thank you Lisa Wagner for the awesome cake.
A popcorn bar and some yummy cake. A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
party done right. Addison loved it.

   The remodel ate away at my last nerve and I ate my feelings leading up to Isabel's 4th birthday and death anniversary. I ended up gaining all but 9 of the pounds I lost last year. Uh-oh...
   But, race season is coming and we can't go back. So, I am looking forward. I have re-lost 6 pounds I gained. Today was Mark and I's first run on our favorite running trail in months. We went 2 miles and about died. That is what I get for doing leg day 2 times this week, then going running. But, everyone starts somewhere, and this is where we are. Mark's first half is the Salt Lake Marathon in April. Mine is in May. We'll get there. Slowly. But we will.

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