Monday, January 20, 2014

Speed Work and Races Around The Corner

  Is it really the middle of January already? That means we are less than 3 months away from the Salt Lake Marathon, in which I will probably run the 5k with Addison, unless Mark is still injured. Then I will take over his half marathon entry. I am less than 4 months from The Famous Potato half marathon in May. And I am barely back to running after recovering for my plantar fasciitis injury. But I am back and pain free! YAY for no pain running!
  So for the last two weeks I have been doing a run/walk training plan to get me back into training shape. Three times a week I have been running for 30 minutes around my town home community, or 2 miles on the running trail with Mark. Mark is trying to recover from an IT band injury and is struggling with wanting to run and not being able too. It's hard to keep a runner down. His Saturday run was ruined last weekend when he forgot his brace, so I ran ahead and just did 2 miles. I decided to do some speed work so (1) I would get back sooner to Mark and Addison who were forced to walk and (2) to help me shave 15 minutes off my time at the Potato Half. The run was great, until I got done and had an asthma attack from the poor air quality. The attack lead to a migraine, which I get after running anyways, but still, no fun. But I feel like I had a great workout, and that is all that matters to me right now.
   This week will be more run/walking workouts as well as a strides workout, probably tomorrow, after my run. Then on Saturday will will be celebrating Addison's 3rd birthday by helping her complete her first 5k at the No Snow Indoor 5k  for Habitat for Humanity. It is a pretty relaxed 5k and was Mark and I's first race ever last year. There is no better race for Addison to run than this one. It is fun, cheap ($10), and you get a shirt and a pancake breakfast! Plus it all goes to a great cause. Addison has been "training" with me by running with me while I run a little bit. We'll see if she can make it the whole 3 miles or if we have to leave the course early to get her pancakes. We are going to let her decided what she wants to do. Right now, getting her excited about running is all about exposure to racing. So that is how we are looking at this race.
   However, because I would like to get in SOME running, I will probably start the hour before the race and get in a 5k before the race starts. Then anything I get after that is just an added bonus. I am hoping Mark can get in a little running too. He needs it for himself. Like I said, it is hard to keep a runner down. We'll see how it goes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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