Thursday, March 6, 2014

Deep Into Training

   I know I shouldn't be saying this, but I am so thankful we are having a mild winter. I have been able to run outside so much and I am so thankful for that opportunity. I am now in the middle of week 7 of my half marathon training for the Salt Lake City Marathon. Things are going SO much better than the last time around. I am running injury free (knock on wood) and am loving the sport for the first time. I decided to stop comparing myself to Mark and his natural speed abilities and just focus on improving myself. And instead of trying to run straight, I am doing timed intervals (run 7 minutes, walk 1) and I have seen an improvement in my mental game and running abilities. Last year I was DREADING long runs, but this year I am kind of sad when they are over. I am really enjoying running. There is a lesson to be learned here, kids: Just run as best as you can. And run for you. If only I had figured that out 2 years ago when I started.
   I have also been trying to lose weight and have been struggling. I have been fiddling around with my calories and trying to figure out what to do. I knew I needed to raise my amount I was eating to help fuel me through my runs and I have been really concentrating on getting to my goal of more than 6 fruits and vegetables a day. And yet, I was plateaued off at only 10 pounds down. Then I did something crazy and stopped doing Jillian Michael videos (she was getting on my nerves) and started doing Tae Bo to cross train. I lost 6 pounds with just that one switch. Sure, my muscles hurt, but the change has helped in so many ways. I have always liked Tae Bo and it has really lifted me out of my funk. That, coupled with the yoga and training schedule I have, I hope, will help me get a PR at SLC.
   So things are going great. Mark is finally feeling better from his IT Band injury, and training is going well for him as well. So well, he has decided to run the Utah Valley Marathon in June.  Yes, MARATHON. He has decided that 2014 will be his year to do the big 26.2. I have decided to train with him. It isn't like it will hurt my training. His decision has also made me decided to do the Big Cottonwood Marathon in September.
    I know, I have always said I never wanted to do a marathon. And I didn't. That is, until I joined a running group on Facebook that connected me with a whole bunch of awesome Utah runners. A lot of them are training for the Ogden Marathon and Mark and I have been on a training run with a few of them. I guess you can say we drank from the Kool-aid. And it is YUMMY! So, Mark is now into week 2 of marathon training. Josh said he would run both races with us, and we are so thankful. We are pretty lucky to be living where we can do all the races and be part of this lifestyle. It has been amazing.

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