Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Addison's Birthday Party

    I know I usually talk about what fitness goals I am trying to accomplish, but I have to brag a little about my Pintrest worthy party I just threw for Addison's 2nd birthday. I am not a crafty person. Scratch that. I am a crafty person, too bad my ideas never look like what my hands make. I was worried Addison's birthday would be another disaster brought to you by my un-artistic hands, BUT, it turned out great!

Disclaimer, I didn't get a picture of everything I wanted to because I had a migraine and my meds didn't kick in yet. By the time they did, I totally forgot to get a picture of all of the decorations I had made. :( Oh, well. Here are the projects I did get a picture of.

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

 Elmo Cupcakes

Grover Cupcakes (Addison's favorite character)

Elmo Fruit AND Veggie Platter (with homemade ranch and vanilla fruit dip)

Oscar The Grouch Veggie Platter 

Big Bird Punch

For food we had character cupcakes, Cookie Monster Cookies, Big Bird Punch, and character fruit and veggie platters. For favors we gave out Gold Fish crackers in honor of Dorthy. 

More of The Spread.

Addison's banner and her new friends that match her much loved Elmo. 

A few of the many tissue paper flowers I made. What you can't see is the circle rainbow garland which Addison was very distraught I took down after the party.  Due to my migraine, I wasn't thinking clearly enough to take pictures of all the decorations I wanted to have a picture of. 

 Addison's Elmo shirt and the Elmo tutu I made her. She thought the whole outfit, even her much hated pigtails, were AWESOME.

Cupcake Time! I was surprised she picked out an Elmo cupcake over a Grover one, but I think the red was just too inviting for her to turn down. And luckily for her, she had so many people there that loved her enough to share their food, so she also got in more than a day's worth of fruits and veggies. I heard that she begged strawberries off anyone that would get one for her!
Addison's Thank You Cards

Addison's personal thank you.

The character heads and Sesame signs I made.

All hand cut. We don't own a anything cool enough to keep me from cutting these out by hand.


Big Bird with flap-able beak!

Addison's welcome sign. This was on our front door.


  1. Happy Birthday Addison!!! I can't believe she is already 2!
    Don't sell yourself short Jill, it turned out SO cute! You are a very crafty person. . .remember all those times you helped me with my off the wall display ideas :D

    1. I hope I was able to help you out a little with your ideas. You are so creative. Remember the Wicked Witch? I can't believe she is 2 either. Seriously, where did that little baby I brought home from the hospital go?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lola. Much better than last year's grey smoosh cake that was supposed to be purple, eh?


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