Sunday, February 17, 2013

RSV and My Birthday

  Happy Late Valentine's Day, everyone! We had a wonderful day, minus Addison having RSV. She was diagnosed Wednesday and it has been a long terrible week with her being sick. Daddy brought it home with him, then Addison got it, and wouldn't you know it, I got it next. Luckily, I got it the weekend AFTER my birthday. YAY? At least I wasn't sick for my birthday, again.
  I knew I was going to get it too, because yesterday while going for our first outdoor run in a couple of weeks, I felt horrible before I even got a mile in. I pieced together another mile, then walked the third. I was hoping to run 4, but what can you do?
   I did have a great birthday, minus the sick baby. Mark took Valentines Day off (which is my birthday) and watched Addison so I could go to the salon and get a haircut, manicure and pedicure. Basically, it was my own personal heaven. He also got me flowers and we got takeout to eat at home with candle light while Addison happily watched Sesame Street recordings. Oh! And did I mention my husband made me chocolate dipped strawberries rolled in an assortment of candies? Yeah, I have the best husband ever!
Yeah, be jealous! They were YUMMY.

   I hope everyone had a great holiday and will be starting out next week on a great foot. We are starting Level 3 of The Shred, so be praying for me! ;) Hopefully my sick self can handle the burn.

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