Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jillian, Running, and WAIT! That's me!

   So as you may know, Mark and I are in the middle of doing The 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michael's. Today we did Level 2, day 4. Well, sort of. Addison woke up an hour and a half early today and I was only allowed to do 16 minutes of it. In order to get more of my burn on, after breakfast I decided to try out a day of Ripped in 30, also by Jillian. HOLY CRAP! That is a workout. I am sore and tired just sitting here! I might have to change my workout plans over the next few months (because, I do have our workouts planned until June 3). And there is a reason for that. Mark and I are now talking about running a half marathon in Boise, ID in May!  In order to get there, we have to start doing a 12 week train soon, right after we are done with the Shred Challenge on March 5.
   I was planning on training AND doing Ripped in 30 4 days a week until we got 30 days in. After today, maybe not. But, maybe still. I know for a fact that doing The Shred has improved my athleticism more than anything in the past has. Seriously, I have so much more stamina when running and strength than I have ever had before. I know that some of that has to do with better shoes too, but I am sure most of it has to do with Jillian. I feel AWESOME since starting the Shred and I am sure that Ripped is even better. Can you even imagine a muscular runner? I can't wait to be one. 
   On top of tweaking my training and stuff, I have been spotlighted for my efforts on my friend's blog! Feel free to stay and read about his crazy weight loss and running journey. He is AMAZING. Anyway, I was able to really thing about what I am doing and where I want to be while answering his questions and I think I have figured out who I am a little more. What can be bad about that?

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