Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First 5K

   Last weekend was BUSY for Mark and I. Addison's second birthday was Friday, Mark's parents came that night, her birthday party was the next day, and his parents left during a snow storm on Sunday. To add to all the fun, Mark and I signed up for a 5K in Orem on Saturday morning, leaving Addison with Grandma and Grandpa. Needless to say, it was a fun and crazy weekend.
   Mark had found the race the previous weekend posted at the running store where I get my shoes in Orem. He mentioned it when we left saying it was indoors and CHEAP (with this inversion, we needed something indoors or I can't run due to asthma). I mentioned it was Addison's birthday party that day and then said "Let's do it!" We then talked a couple of running friends into going with us. So that next Saturday, foggy and freaking early, Mark, Josh (yes the Josh that went with us to Vegas to run that half marathon), and I took off in the heavy fog and trekked it to Orem. We met our other friend Susette there and after registration, Josh and Susette started running because a 5K just isn't enough miles for those two nut jobs. The race took place in the halls at UVU. There was also a dance competition going on and dancers were warming up in the very halls all us runners were jetting down. AND classes were also going on. It was AWESOME!
  While the two nut jobs got in their 5K before the 5K, Mark and I walked about 2 miles to warm up. We got done with lap two just in time to start the actual race. We all started together, but Josh and Susette quickly outpaced us, then I cut Mark loose to go the speed he needs to go to feel comfortable. I am not stupid or prideful. I am a slow runner and I knew I needed to set a comfortable pace in order for me to actually run the whole race. The first lap went great, I was on pace to run a 38 minute 5K. I ended up stopping at the watering station the next 3 laps, but that was only for a few seconds and I ended up running the WHOLE WAY! In order to keep going, I kept thinking about Isabel and talking to her (in my head of course, I didn't want to look crazy!). I know I found great strength in knowing she was there the whole time cheering me on.
 My new running shoes. Thanks Ryan for taking all that time to fit me with the perfect pair. They are great.

 Pre-race with the hubby.

 Josh Hansen, Susette Fisher, Mark and I proving we were really going to race down the halls of UVU.

 And we are OFF! And we were actually ahead of much of the pack. It is a pretty good sized race, considering where it takes place.

 Oh yeah! I am RUNNING!

 This is when I passed Mark during the second lap. Or I should say, he was way passed me, we just met up mid hall.

 Post race. Can you see the pride?

While running I was passed by these two and I tailed them for the my last lap. They were on mile 5 and I was dying on mile 2-3. I guess that is what years experience can do for you.

   I ended up finishing the race in 41 minutes. Was that fast? NO! Was it faster than I thought I could go? YES! And I am so so happy I was able to do it. We eventually met up with Josh and Susette, who decided to quit after only a 10K, and went to the free pancake and oatmeal breakfast. I could feel all those running endorphins surging through my body and I seriously was like "I should run a half marathon soon!" Yeah, I am still, a week later, tasting the running Kool-aid. It is AMAZING. So you, GO RUNNING!


  1. YEAH! I love it! Congrats on the first 5K and first of MANY races!

  2. Sweet!! Fun write-up and you are awesome!!

  3. I think you are amazing! What an accomplishment! I can't believe all that you had going on that weekend and you finished everything! COngrats!!!!! I love that you run for Isabel! That is great motivation!


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