Saturday, March 16, 2013

Five Miles

   I have dreaded today for a while. Like for 4 weeks. And the reason why I have dreaded to day is because  the last time I was training for a half marathon, we made it to the 5 mile run, which I ended up run/walking, then I got sick and hurt my foot, making me unable to run the half I was going to run. There was something about that 5 miler. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. And today we were supposed to run 5 again.
   As you may have already read, this week has been a terrible week in running. The same illness that sidelined me for so long last training struck again this week. But, because I knew what it was, I was able to get it treated faster this time (last time I was sick for 2 months!). Now I am feeling better, but because of some necessary diet changes, I wasn't running well. There just wasn't enough carbs in my diet. But yesterday we tweaked that and ate pasta for dinner and a smoothie for breakfast. Boy, what a change that made! The last couple of runs have been only 2 milers and I was not able to run them straight. Today, minus the time it took me to drink water and Poweraid (I can't run and drink. Too klutzy!), I ran the whole 5 miles! Up hills and everything. I was giggling like a school girl at the end.
   I am not going to lie and tell you it was easy. It wasn't. But there is a huge difference in running fueled and running on empty. Today was totally a mind game. I knew my body could go farther, so it was easier to tell my head that I could do it. The last couple of runs have been a physical impossibility, making them mentally draining as well. Diet really is everything while running.

   In case you were wondering about the trail we run on, here is the running route we do.

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