Monday, October 20, 2014

Remembering some things lost, celebrating some things gained.

     The National Day of Pregnancy and Infant Loss (October 15) came again last Wednesday. We tried celebrating as a family (Mark is still in New York), so we Facetimed and participated in the Wave of Light (everyone is asked to light a candle at 7PM, in their time zone, and keep it lit for 1 hour. If everyone in every time zone did this, there would be a wave of light across the globe). So we each had a candle for Isabel and one for Poppy, Addison's twin that we lost at 8 weeks. Addison and I listened to Isabel's songs while we got our candles ready and talked about both babies. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was enough for us.
   Addison was also out of school all last week, so I had the extra challenge of trying to get all my workouts in with her home (I have grown used to working out while she is in school). Addison started her vacation off with a bout of the stomach flu, so we had 4 days of awesome to start out our vacation. Luckily, I didn't get sick. All of this working out and supplements I am taking must be paying off!
   Once I was able to have all the laundry off my workout room floor, I was able to get back in and do my BeFit in 30 Extreme challenge. I decided on Wednesday to make up the one workout I missed while Addison was sick and to do that day's workout too. Holy crap! They are only 20 minute workouts, but they are so intense I was actually shaking when I finished the second one. I am hoping that saying, "What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger" is true and I will be one muscled woman!
   Besides those workouts, I was also able to get in some running. Addison was finally feeling good enough, and no longer contagious, so we headed to the park Thursday and I pushed her in the stroller and tried to do a fast 5k. My PR set at the Salt Lake City Marathon 5k in 2013 is 34:55, so I was hoping to just get close to that. And it was a tall order. I have been struggling to run since my marathon and am averaging 15 minute miles. It is exasperating how difficult running any faster has become. I knew pushing the stroller was going to add an extra challenge, and my legs were still sore from the day before, so I decided to just push hard and see where that would get me. I was surprised that my first mile came in at 13 minutes. It was still slower than my pre-marathon mile pace, but so much faster than I have been. I ended up doing a 39 minute 5k. Which, by the way, is almost 10 minutes faster than my previous attempts over the last 4 weeks.
   That night Joshua reminded me that Emigration Canyon was going to be closed for a race Saturday, causing me to scramble about what to do about my long run that week. I had been planning to head to Salt Lake to do an 8 mile up and back in the canyon. I could head to a different canyon, but I know Emigration so well and it is the best canyon to push a stroller through. Joshua was going to be sweeping the course Saturday, which meant not a lot of running for him, so I convinced him to go running with me in the Canyon Friday night.
   We had decided to do 5 miles. Joshua would still have legs for his race the next day, and I would have a decent hill run. The run was challenging going up. Pushing the stroller feels like trying to push a wall up the canyon. I was only able to run short distances and we ended up walking a good portion. Still, any time going up is training and getting to do some miles with Joshua was amazing. I love running with Joshua. 
   It wasn't a fast run, but it was a good run. And it kind of summed up my week. The training was hard, but it was good. I am excited to see if all the extra cross-training and the change up in my running routes/speed/hill work help get me to my sub-30 5k goal. My first opportunity to test my training will be the Turkey Trot at CSI on Thanksgiving. I have 5 weeks left!    

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