Saturday, October 4, 2014

Um, Jill, The Blog Is Green.

  It's October, already. I dread this month every year. I have never really liked October. I am not a fall person. While I think the fall leaves are pretty, I hate them for falling off the trees. I have been known to yell traitor to all the falling leaves while doing a fall walk with my husband before. Yeah. And for me, October is the month to blame for all the incoming months of dead and snow. That is just how it is for me.
  October does have special meaning to me now, though. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, so I get to remember my sweet babies this month. The 15th is actually the Remembrance Day for the month and there is something really cool you can do to remember all the babies that have been lost. At 7PM, your time zone, light a candle and keep it lit for an hour. Then, as you blow your candles out, the next time zone is lighting theirs and this will create a wave of light across the globe. I urge everyone who reads this to do this simple act. Let's remember every baby.
  I light the candles in my home not only for Isabel, but to also remember Addison's twin I lost at 8 weeks. This is really the only anniversary we have to remember our loss. I am thankful for the opportunity to have a date to remember that loss by.
  To remember Isabel, specifically, I have turned my blog green. Green is the color of Anencephaly awareness. If you are new to my blog and know little to nothing about Anencephaly, then you can click here, here, and here to learn more. I know for me, when I was carrying Isabel, the last two were particularly helpful because I was able to read stories and meet other people who have been through the same thing. Such a blessing in such a bleak time.
  So that is how my October is shaping up. I hope you all are having a wonderful fall, and if you hate October like I do, then we can yell at the leaves together.

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