Saturday, October 4, 2014

What is next on the training docket?

   So while marathon training I promised myself I would never do something so intense and stupid again. I swore I would focus on shorter distances with the goal of getting to be a faster runner overall. I am going to work on a sub-30 5K and sub-hour 10K. That was the plan. That and lots of circuit training to beef up my muscles.
   Then, not too long before the marathon someone from one of my running Facebook groups started a race that sounded intriguing for November 1. Well, intriguing, hard, and completely intense. Within minutes of reading the description, I wrote Joshua about it and we decided to run it. And while it may not be a marathon, it will be just as insane, but for a shorter distance. Joshua and I signed up to run a 6.5 mile race UP one of the Salt Lake area canyons, and we won't know which one for sure until 48 hours before the race! They are calling this type of running "earning your downhill," but the actual race is only counting the uphill run! Joshua and I are going to finish the race then run back down the canyon to get a full half in to count toward his lifetime race goals. If you don't believe me about how crazy this idea is, here is the website: Judge for yourself.
   So, to prepare, I have been ramping up my speed and strength training. I am always looking for new workouts and I found a whole bunch of them from the BeFit people on You Tube. I am currently doing some BeFit Extreme workouts that are basically circuit training and cardio on steroids. I do that 4-5 times a week and run 3 times a week doing courses with hills twice a week. I have been purposely avoiding running uphill too long and it is killing me on race day. I think between the two things, I should be ready in a month to kick that hill in the trash can.
The hill by my house. It maybe short, but it is steep. That combined with my inclined run up to it in my neighborhood makes for a .10 mile climb equal to what I should be expecting in elevation gain at the race. It's killer. 
   I also FINALLY got my Altra Intuition 2.0 shoes. I have been running in 1.5's and have worn through 2 pairs and working on a third this year before my new shoes came. I love my 1.5's. I thought they were the best shoes that could ever be made. Then Altra made the 2.0. And honestly folks, they are amazing. So comfy. And cushioned. And everything a gal like me could ask for in a shoe. I wore them for my 5 miles around my neighborhood and up my hill today and I love them. Having them makes me want to run more (which is terrible because I make bad decisions in running). Hopefully the shoes don't talk me into something even more insane than running up a mountain or a marathon.
My new shoes. I love them more than anything.

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