Saturday, June 9, 2012

Crying Before, During, and After Running Possible

   If you didn't know, Mark has a new job in Ogden. This means we are moving from Orem to Ogden in the next 2 weeks. But Mark's job started last month. So in the mean time, he has been commuting and driving an hour there and an hour home every day. In case you can't add, that is 11 hours he is away from us a day. So instead of having time for both of us to run, only one can most days. But, the other one walks Addison 1-2 miles while the other runs, so every day is exercise day for us!
   Yesterday was Mark's run day while I walk day. I ended up walking 3.5 miles yesterday. But that combined with weights the day before and I am one sore lady. Mark pointed out that I may be over training and that is why I can't seem to get the miles that I want too. Do you think he has a point? I am running 3, soon to be 4 days a week and doing weights on my off days. I might be doing too much and drop doing weights for a while to test his theory.
   Today was my run day. I was still sore when I woke up and was worried about that, but was able to get a mile in no problem. But after doing some reading today, I decided to so some sprinting today. So I did sprints for another mile. It felt good, but I have never been so tired after a run! I was panting and dying at the end when Mark tells me he has a song for me to listen to. Guess what song he picked out for me? Daughtry's Not A Day Goes By! Yeah, I cried like heck all the way home listening to it. But it was perfect. After a not as perfect run as I would hope, I got reminded of WHY I run, and it was beautiful, and therapeutic, and necessary for me all at the same time.  Even though I cried and sobbed being reminded of who and what I am missing, I think I might need it on my running play list to motivate me not to let her down.
   I have cried before a run. I have cried during a run begging Mark to stop because I couldn't keep going. But this crying after a run is new to me, and maybe I need to do it more often.

P.S. If you have never heard the song, here is a link. Please, listen to it and think of my little Isabel.

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