Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary

  Yesterday was Mark and I's 5th wedding anniversary. I already told you about my run. Yeah, thanks husband for making me cry like a baby on our anniversary. How about next year we go kick some puppies? Despite all of this though, we had a pretty great time yesterday eating far too many calories and doing one too many errands. I would like to thank our friends Ryan and Lola for watching the Missy while we went to dinner and dessert. That was pretty nice to have our third date since at least Addison has come into our lives. It is nice to know your still with the one that makes your heart skip a beat now and then!
   I also heard that a few people who do not read this blog found out that I am running a half marathon and are excited for me. YAY! Now the pressure is building. It seems everyone but me can see me doing this. I guess I need to draw off their strength because I am scared to death. Just thinking about it makes me nervous. But, I did hear a quote yesterday that I think I am going to have to remember daily, "It is better to have an imperfect race than to continue imagining a perfect one from the couch."

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