Thursday, June 7, 2012

Running 3 Miles

   So because it is officially going to me running in Vegas and I only have 6 months to get to 13.1 miles, my husband and I started training for the half marathon yesterday. Our goal? Running 3 miles. I set out first while Mark pushed Addison in the stroller and only made it just over 2 miles before running into Mark and Addison on the running path. I then decided I was done for the day. I am really good at giving up on myself. Mark kept asking "Are you sure you don't want to keep going? It is only one mile! Why are you giving up on yourself?" After telling him I was a loser and messed up, he took off for his run. But right as he left I thought "It is only one mile more! So, pushing Addison, I set back out running.
   So off we go. I think it is important to mention that Addison is in the big, non jogging stroller and we are on a path that is a little rough at times. So I ran 1/4 of a mile until the path had too many cracks and cutouts to take Addison on safely, then walked to the next smooth spot and ran until it got too rough again. And even with the huge stroller and being tired already from my 2 miles and my complete failure at fueling myself properly yesterday (apparently not enough calories!), I kept not too far behind Mark. By the end of the my first mile I was only half a mile or less behind Mark! So I did it again and we met at the end of his three miles at the same time!
   So instead of 3 miles, I ended up running most of 4! This was huge for me. I guess I always need Mark to question my motives. But I figures out something else that I am going to need some help with. How do you get over your fear of success? I think I am setting myself up for failure by telling myself that I can't run a half marathon in 6 months, not because I don't know it is possible to run by then, it is totally doable. I fear that I am saying that I am going to do this then not train what I need to to get there. Or continually give up in my training and not get there. Either way, how do you stop yourself from sabotage? I have been thinking about this for a while and now is the time to figure it out.

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  1. Just wanted to say I think it's great that you are training for a half marathon. Jeff's run three marathons, so if you want to talk to someone who knows about that stuff, let me know.


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