Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Move Has Began

   Like I have stated in previous posts, we are moving to Ogden (maybe?) next Friday, so we have been focusing on packing up our stuff this week. We are supposed to be taking over an apartment contract for a guy this Saturday and we haven't heard from him. We are hoping that that is still the plan when we show up on Saturday to sign all the contracts and stuff! If not, I guess we will be looking for a new place, PRONTO! We have to be out of here next weekend, so here is hoping.
   The move is really affecting our ability to get workouts in. But I was able to walk 2 miles on Monday while Mark ran and have been doing heavy labor lifting, taking down blinds and cleaning them, cleaning out closets and shelves, you know, moving stuff. It sure is a lot of work. All the physical stuff is causing some bad back spasms for me, so after a day of packing, there is no way I can go running. But, hopefully I can jump back into the swing of things soon. We are probably 20% packed, but it is hard to go too crazy right now because we still have to live too. It is mostly an exercise in decided what we can and can't live without right now.
   I think little Miss really misses our runs. She loves going around the hospital path and watching the little kids play soccer or the ultimate Frisbee people. And I think it made us all a lot happier just being outside and doing something good for ourselves. You know what happens when you move? You eat a lot of crappy food. Then the crappy food makes you want MORE crappy food. It is a never ending cycle, isn't it?

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