Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Are Moved. Time for RUNNING!

   The move has happened. We are still unpacking, but at least we have a place to call home again. The move went smoothly, mostly. Mark and I sure did see the benefits of all of our running while moving out of our second floor apartment and again while bringing our stuff up to our third floor apartment. However, there has been a horrible heat wave here and between the move, the heat, and not having a key to the fitness room until yesterday, we haven't ran in 3 weeks! YIKES!!!! I just counted on my fingers and we are T-5 months until the half marathon. Time to get going!
   So now that I have an access key to the fitness room (And none too soon either, for a brush fire erupted this morning a couple of miles from us and the whole area is smokey!) tonight I am going running again. It will be good to get started again and hopefully the few pounds I have gained during the move will melt right off and I can keep going in the right direction. We are planning on hitting the running path at McKay-Dee Hospital for our long runs, but for the 3 and 4 mile runs, it looks like I am treadmill bound until it gets cooler. The few times I have tried running in the heat made me ill and I got a horrible headache, even while fully hydrated. So, instead of getting sick, I am opting for a nice run in air conditioning.
   I do have to admit, not running has helped my head a little. I was getting more and more terrified about the task before me and actually doing this, but I feel a lot better about it now. I read this article recently in my Real Simple and it really has changed my life. http://www.realsimple.com/work-life/life-strategies/inspiration-motivation/runners-00100000081909/index.html I guess if they can overcome their fears, as hard as they were, I need to too. It really changed how I view my runs. I hope you can find the wisdom in the article I did.

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