Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seriously, I Hate That Hill

   I went to Idaho with just Addison after my 5 miler on Saturday and was not, due to my stupid back, able to run again until today. But I decided since it was still in the 60's outside that I would take Addison in her stroller and run 3 miles of what we did Saturday. I didn't even make it close up that hill. First off, my husband must be the strongest man ever because that freaking stroller is like 50 pounds with Addison in it (okay, maybe 30, but still). And then to run with it, FORGET ABOUT IT! I have done it on a flatter course and it was a workout then, but up the hill? Um, no. I was able to run a for part of the mile, but nothing uphill for sure. And after the second lap, I went to the workout room and walked the third mile, on a 9 incline, because I obviously need to get better on the hills! And lucky for me, Addison sat happily in her stroller watching The Price Is Right while I did it.
   Today also starts the day that I quit Weight Watchers and start a runners diet. While lots of people have lost weight on WW, I haven't in months. AND, I feel like it penalizes you for eating good food and forces you to make bad decisions. For instance, a serving of brown rice is 5 points. A serving of white rice is 5 points. The white rice is basically poison. It raises your insulin levels and makes you crave sugar. Brown rice is full of fiber and amino acids your body needs. Yet, I feel like you are penalized for eating it. Same with high fiber whole wheat bread. It is the same value as white bread, which does the same thing as white rice. And, the diet says you can drink diet soda, which is devil liquid. It also makes you crave sugar. And when you drink it, it makes fruits and veggies taste bad, so you eat more of them. Oh, and using sugar substitutes confuses the body on how to digest real sugar, so your body stores it as fat faster. And if that weren't enough, then there is this...http://news.menshealth.com/diet-soda-heart-disease/2012/02/08/. Still, WW has been known to teach people to eat cake made of diet soda, that diet soda is 0 points, and therefor drink up, and on and on. Those are just a few of the reasons I had to stop. I felt punished for eating real, healthy food my body needs as a runner. I need healthy carbs.
   So Mark and I have made the switch. I found after lots of research a 7 day meal plan that would give us about 1800 calories (which I think I still need since I am still nursing and you do need some more when you are running at least an hour 4 times a week). We can always adjust and skip a snack or something, but the plan looks great so far. AND, it is all natural food! Nothing processed. And THAT is AWESOME! I have been growing more and more granola crunch as I age, and I guess eating a whole food diet was just the next step. And since I went to Idaho, I was able to raid my parents garden and bring back some awesome veggies to help us. Like is great.

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  1. Yes, yes, and YES. WW is not a bad thing for some, but it sure didn't work for me this time. My new diet is AWESOME! :) :) Good luck to you on yours!!!


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