Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Few of MY Favorite (Running) Things Spring 2013

  Yesterday was a terrible, not so good, painful run. It was my last 2 mile run I will do while training for my half marathon and I really wanted to rock it out. But, that just wasn't the way it went.  We started level 3 of Ripped in 30 yesterday, and as Jillian says, she isn't mean, she is just creative. By mid-afternoon yesterday, I knew it wasn't going to be an epic run. My back cramped, my legs hurt, and I was tired. By the time Mark go home, I was still holding on to the last shred of hope that I would run those 2 miles with some dignity and no cussing. It didn't happen.
   By the end of mile 1, I knew I would have to walk. My calf cramped, my thighs were killing me. I walked a little, then ran only to have more cramping and pain. My back, not to be outdone by my feet, started cramping also. I ended up running about 1.75 miles. After such a terrible run, I started lamenting to Mark how we should just quit Jillian. She is nuts, I said. She is out to kill me. I hate her! Then we went home to more charely horses and tired legs. Not my best run or run day.
   Today, I partook in round 2 of Jillian. She still killed me. But, I also must admit, she is making me stronger and more ripped. I guess I can't fault her for delivering on her promise. Then, as I sat on my sore bum to Facebook before Addison awoke, I stumbled on Josh's blog entry about his favorite things about running. After reading his impressive list, I knew right then and there I needed to focus on what I love about running. So here in no particular order is my favorite things about running so far this spring.

  • Time away from Addison. I love her, but every mom needs to miss their child a little to love them more.
  • Being able to just focus on me and my thoughts for a while. There are no dishes or laundry during your run.
  • Spending time thinking of Isabel. I honestly feel like she is closest to me while I run.
  • Being outside.
  • Old running shoes (left) that show every mile you ran.
  • New running shoes (well, newer, on the right) so full of running promise.
  • That feeling you get when you hit your pace and feel like you can go for miles and miles.
  • Going miles and miles.
  • When your new favorite running song comes on just as you hit the half way mark in your run.
  • Saturday runs when all the other runners are out nodding that knowing nod at you. Makes me run longer and happier every time.
  • Being in the beginning of a half marathon training schedule.
  • Being in the middle of a half marathon training schedule.
  • Realizing that you too can run 13.1 miles if you had too. And, trust me, I want too.
  • Counting down the days until your running season starts (17 until the SLC 5k!).
  • Running with your sweetheart. I love every moment of watching him run faster, further, and happier than I do. Seriously.
  • A new running playlist. I still get surprised by the best songs we picked.
  • Personal pep talks during hard runs. I still learn so much about myself every mile I run.
  • Finding new people who want to join in my running journey. I wish everyone I knew ran!
   I am sure I could list 100 more things, but this is the best of the best, for right now. Sure, it isn't always easy running, but I love it. What keeps you running? What do you love best?

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