Monday, April 15, 2013

What Happens When People Don't Pick Up Their Mess...

   I am officially 1 month and 3 days from my half marathon and 5 days from the Salt Lake 5k, making every run even more important. So you can  imagine my frustration when on Friday I tripped over the shop vac Mark left out and twisted my ankle. While the injury wasn't that bad it did make me unable to run my 8 mile run on Saturday. And last week was a terrible running week already. We missed a run and the other run went horribly. After rectifying some of my problems, such as always being tired due to a vitamin D and B12 deficiency which was fixed with a new supplement increase, the real problem was that I just needed a good run to make me forget the bad one. And the twisted ankle hasn't helped anything. But I also know that I can't have a lifetime of running if I don't take care of myself now. So, for this run at least, I am trading a wrapped up foot, ice, and a good movie for my running shoes. I will be back next week.

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