Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running For Boston

  Since the events in Boston on Monday, the running world has been going crazy.  First of all, the next big marathon in the US will be held in Salt Lake City, and I happen to be running the 5k. So of course, everyone is trying to figure out a way to honor Boston AND step up security for the race. Enter my friend Josh who happened to mention that we runners should wear green to show support for the whole town of Boston. His suggestion not only inspired all the runners who like the Salt Lake City Marathon on Facebook, but got national attention from Huffington Post yesterday. This article then got him mass attention here in Utah and he then got interviewed for the 10 PM news by 2 local channels, KSL and KUTV. At least I get to say that I knew this thoughtful guy before he made it big.

If you are going to be at or run in this race, please wear green to show your support of Boston.

 Then, nationally speaking, runners were asked to run a run for Boston yesterday. I did my 3 mile training run thinking about the guy that fell down when the blast went off by the finish line. Every time I see that, I feel horrible for him. For some reason, that image of him falling epitomizes what happened in Boston has a whole. So I ran with him, and the whole town in mind.  I hope all of you either ran yesterday, or will go out and run for Bean Town.

  Then, there was this last night... Please take the time to watch Rachel Maddow completely describe the running culture and talk about how marathons can be safer. As a runner, I loved every moment of this segment. Oh, and if you haven't read the article she discusses with Amby Burfoot, you should. It is amazing.

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