Monday, April 28, 2014

Last Week In Running (or maybe the lack of running)

The view from our running trail.
   Last week wasn't what I needed if I wanted to run Boise faster. Due to travel, weather, and family obligations, I only ran once last week. And only for about 2 miles. As a runner, I know I really messed up. But, mentally, maybe it is what I needed. I am not sure.
   And I also didn't eat well at all. Not enough exercise and too much junk food, I am not making great choices. But I also know that that was last week. It is over. I can't do anything about it now. But I can do something about this week. I am planning on two 5 mile runs and am trying to come up with a plan for this weekend. We are headed out of town Friday for Mark's Provo Half Marathon. Our plan is to stay the night Friday so that he can get 2 more hours of sleep before he has to get to the buses at 4:30ish AM for a 7 AM start time (Sooo not a typo). Addison and I will meet him and Josh at the finish line around 9 probably. That doesn't leave time for me to run much. The hotel does have a cardio center. I guess if all else fails, I could go treadmill it for a while. My body could really use a long long run, but sometimes you have to do what you CAN do. A little is better than nothing at the end.
   I kind of have race regret. This weekend's race is supposed to be downhill, making it much easier than Salt Lake was. Too bad I didn't hold out for this race! But I know Mark needs this race as much as I do, so I am glad for him. He is going to do great.

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