Monday, April 14, 2014

Toasting My Buns (Week 2)

   I am officially 5 days away from being a half marathoner for the second time. WOOHOO! I am really excited to race again even if I am a bit nervous about meeting my time goal (2:45). My runs haven't been going well since my terrible run a little over a week ago. But, I have also decided to stop stressing all of this and just live for the moment. I am bound to have a great run again soon, and I would rather it be this Saturday at the race and not tonight at my 3 miler.
   I am also busy busy busy doing my 30 Day Buns Challenge (which all of you should be doing too!). I am a week into it and have so far done 83 squats, 45 donkey kicks, 135 seconds of supermans, and 75 pelvic lifts. That is a lot of buns sculpting fun right there. I have also been doing a lot of yard work (cutting out grass, amending sandy soil, picking rocks galore, helping build retaining walls) and my back and thighs tell me that I am getting a good workout there too.

Fingers crossed. Gym Memes
   I am excited to hear about all of you doing the Bun Challenge with me. Why are you doing it? Have you noticed any changes in your buns yet? Leave a comment and tell me how it is going.

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