Friday, April 4, 2014

Running Down Emigration Canyon.

   Last Saturday Mark and I were able to head to Salt Lake City to run with people from our Facebook running group. The group kind of split into 2 groups, those who had to run at 5:30 am (not a typo) so they could go on with their day, and the rest of us. The early group decided to run up Emigration Canyon, turn around at where we were starting, and run back to Liberty Park. This would make their run 20 miles (straight face serious). The rest of us carpooled to a point 12 miles from the park and ran to the park, running laps around the 1.45 mile park to add the miles we needed for that day. Since Mark and I only needed 10, we just ran to the park and let Addison run until everyone was finished to take us to our car.
The "late" group. There were 14 of us running.
   The weather wasn't that bad for spring time in Utah. There was a breeze that caused strong wind gusts here and there, and it wasn't the 70 degrees the weatherman predicted, but it wasn't terrible. In fact, minus the wind, it was probably perfect running weather. Much better than it was 2 weeks before when it was very cold running down a canyon. We were able to strap some blankets on Addison's jogging stroller and she was happy as a clam the whole run, blocked from the wind when she wanted, but loving the sights of a new running place. Mark and I wore layers and were easily able to adjust to our needs. I love spring running on days like this. 
   We had parked at the beginning of a hill. After trying to run up it with no warm up, I finally decided that I would save my energy for the decline and walked the rest of it. I met an awesome fellow runner, Camille, and we ended up running the whole way back to the park. She was able to try and keep us at an under 12 minute mile pace (except for when we had to walk because of the insane headwind). I just hope that I didn't hold her up for too long. I think I might be the slowest runner in the group, but I am just so thankful to be able to run these distances, who cares how slow I am?
   The course we ran was amazing. We pretty much ran downhill all the way to the park, which is the best kind of run, if you ask me. We saw an elephant at the zoo that was looking at us as we passed by. We found a really awesome consignment shop Mark and I are going to have to visit on 8th and 8th. What I love most about running (other than racing) is being able to see things you can't see from a car. I have probably passed the consignment shop 100 times and never noticed it. Now I have noticed it and can't wait to go back. 
   I am so thankful for our running group. I am meeting new people all the time that inspire me. I love the fact that our group consists of all ages and all abilities. I sometimes look at pictures of us and think "See, running isn't only for the young. Anyone really can do this." What are your experiences with running? Have you been inspired by anyone? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments.

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